Buffalo Jones PE

Try some of these exercises. . . Click Here
Try some of these exercises. . . Click Here
April 14, Try a little Yoga. . . Click Here
April 14, Dance Challenge. . . Click Here
April 20, Eat Healthy. . . Click Here
April 20, Yoga Challenge. . . Click Here
April 27, YMCA Videos. . . 
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May 5th Yoga Challenge. . . Click Here
May 5th Yoga Challenge Barbie. . . Click Here
May 11th, 12 easy exercises for kids at home. . .Click Here
May 11th, Favorite Character Fitness #1. . . Click Here
10 Thing to do at home for kids. . . Click Here


Buffaloes  Choose 1 box to complete each day Monday-Friday.  Skip the ones you are unable to do and repeat the ones you like. But do try to complete a variety of activities or even add your own to the list.


Take a walk with someone. Yes your dog counts as someone.



Create an obstacle course. Use toys & items in your house to go over, under, around, through, on, between

Invent 3 new exercises & teach them to someone else.

Create a dance routine to music & perform outside for a neighbor

Vaccum a room in your house.

Go outside. Take a sack. Pick up trash around your house or a neighbors

Invent a game and try it out.

Do 20 imaginary bball shots, jump ropes,boxing punches,soccer kicks,drum beats, guitar strums


Listen to a song & move to the beat using air kicks & air punches

Pick 5 different muscles to stretch. Hold stretch for 20 sec. What are the muscle names?

Run a short distance outside your house. Walk back. Do it again 3 more times


Do 1 lap around the room in crab walk, bear walk, baby crawl, frog jump

Use sidewalk chalk to draw music notes or other musical symbols outside



Read 2 articles or books. 1 about sports & 1 about music.

Do the dinner dishes and dry them…really dry them.

Skip on the sidewalk & count to 50. Then gallop.

Clean the windows inside or outside your house. Try to whistle as you work.


Say your math facts or do flash cards while doing jumping jacks.

Take your family to the park to play.

Play hide and seek with someone in your family. Take turns hiding an item (stuffed animal) or yourself.

Watch a movie with songs in it & sing/dance along





Decide on 5 challenges musical or physical that you will do today. Do them!

Make up a yoga pose for each letter of the alphabet. Put on soft relaxing music

Have a dance party! Turn down the lights or turn on extra lights. Turn up music and dance like crazy.

Have a snowball fight. Wad up paper or use socks to throw at one another. Just make sure YOU clean it up!